Copper Skye Doodles Buying Process

STEP #1:

Buyers submit a Puppy Application detailing the size, gender, coat color, coat type and possible litter parents if known along with a deposit to reserve a puppy.

STEP #2:

Buyers will be notified when a litter with their puppy’s requirements is expected. If buyers agree to that litter, they will be placed on the ‘Wait List’ according to when their deposit is received.

STEP #3:

Once the litter is born buyers are contacted and sent pictures of the litter. However if there isn’t a puppy in that litter that fits their requirements of color, gender or coat type then they can opt for a different, future litter.

STEP #4:

When puppies are 6 weeks old the buyers come to meet and choose which puppy they want. Again, according to their ranking on the ‘Pick List’ for their designated gender. But if the buyers do not connect with any of the pups they have the option of waiting for another litter or receiving a refund of their deposit.

STEP #5:

Finally when puppies are eight weeks old they get to go home to their forever families.