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Goldendoodles are some of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet. Their gentle nature and abounding patience makes them great companions and family dogs. Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. This combination creates a broad selection of the beautiful Goldendoodle colors we see today. These pups are loved for their intelligence, trainability, playfulness and gentle temperament, in all colors.

puppy with wavy golden colored fur on off white carpet

You may have heard hypoallergenic Goldendoodles are an ideal pet to consider. This is especially true if you are a dog lover with allergies, or someone with family and friends who have allergies. The reality is there are no completely hypoallergenic dogs. However, dogs that are low shedding and produce minimal dander are the best fit for those who suffer from allergies. You don’t have to give up the search for a furry friend!

At Copper Skye Doodles, I want to share the joy a Goldendoodle can bring you and your family here in Arizona. Goldendoodles puppies are:

  • Intelligent
  • Social
  • Emotionally attentive

Goldendoodle puppies are a great fit for first time dog-owners since they are easy to train. Singles or couples often connect with an affectionate, fun-loving Goldendoodle who grows up to become calm and comforting. Each of our puppies needs a loving home, and I am happy to help you find your puppy match!

Goldendoodle Puppies And Personality in Arizona

Ok, let’s also be realistic. Aren’t puppies a lot of work? What will I be getting myself into? I’d love to share more information with you about Goldendoodle puppies. You’ll learn why this low-shedding, mild-mannered breed has earned such a wonderful reputation. More individuals and families are finding the perfect fit with a Goldendoodle in their homes, neighborhoods, retirement facilities, and as service dogs.

“We brought home our precious Rex 3 weeks ago and we couldn’t be more in love! Deborah was amazing and gave us all the information we needed as first time dog owners. She even brought him to the airport so we wouldn’t have to fly in and rent a car since we were out of town. She continues to answer all of our questions and we couldn’t ask for a breeder. Also, Rex is one of the cutest goldendoodle’s we’ve seen and has been extremely well behaved. He holds his bladder 7-8 hours a night, and picked up on commands within 1 session and is already mostly potty trained at only 12 weeks old. We love our little guy and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!!”

-Nikki G.

Goldendoodle puppies are cross-breed dogs that make loyal family companions. They show the intelligence of a Poodle and the playful, loving personality of a Golden Retriever. Sometimes, Goldendoodles are referred to as hypoallergenic because they tend to take after the Poodle side and not shed much.

Hypoallergenic Goldendoodle Puppies in Arizona

The more hypoallergenic Goldendoodles are a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, with a greater percentage of Poodle genes that result in low shedding. Goldendoodles with more influence from the Golden Retriever genetics, tend to shed more fur and release more dander into their living environment. At Copper Skye Doodles, we aim to breed Goldendoodles with the most suitable coats for those with allergies.

a wavy haired puppy with white and brown fur sitting on off white carpet

Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. This combination creates a broad selection of the beautiful Goldendoodle colors we see today. These pups are loved for their intelligence, trainability, playfulness and gentle temperament, in all colors. Attractive not only for their low-shedding coats, the wide variety of Goldendoodle colors and choice of coat curl give this pup their adorable look.

Goldendoodle Puppies Coat Type and Color in Arizona

Goldendoodles are each unique in color and personality. Many people have seen the classic golden or apricot Goldendoodle color, at the park or in pictures. However, these pups come in a wide range of coat shades and variations.

All of the Goldendoodle colors come with a range of coat length and curl type. Puppies may have curly fur, a shaggy coat, or loose, wavy hair. The length of the coat is controlled by one gene, FGF5, and long hair is a recessive trait typically found in Goldendoodles. Most Goldendooles have a coat length of 2-3 inches, regardless of their color.

Goldendoodle colors cover a range of shades and patterns. One popular coat color is red with tones of apricot. Some Goldendoodle colors look creamy with darker golden undertones. Other Goldendoodles have black or chocolate colored coats.

a puppy with wavy dark brown fur sitting on grass near an orange and blue ball

These are typical color choices for Goldendoodle coats:

  • Light: Cream, beige, champagne, white
  • Medium: Carmel, tan, silver, merle (very rare)
  • Dark: Chocolate, brown, black
  • Red: Apricot, red
  • Parti: two colors or multi-colored

All Goldendoodle colors can result in a low-shed coat. While no dog is truly hypoallergenic, a hybrid dog mixed with a Poodle results in the least shedding. Many people with allergies react more to dander than to fur. At Copper Skye Doodles we breed dogs with the most suitable coats for those with allergies. Goldendoodles of all colors tend to have low dander and minimal shedding.

Sizes of Goldendoodle Puppies in Arizona

Goldendoodle puppies come in a variety of sizes. The size that fits you may depend on your current stage of life, your preferences, or simply acceptance of the puppy with whom you bond. Because goldendoodles are hybrids (mixed breed) there is no standard or regulated criteria for their sizes. Every breeder creates their own size charts.

My Goldendoodle sizes by weight and height:

  • Petite Goldendoodle: 10-19 pounds and height 10”-13” full grown
  • Miniature Goldendoodle: 20-30 pounds and height 13-16” full grown
  • Medium Goldendoodle: 30-40 pounds and 15-22” height full grown
  • Standard Goldendoodle: 50-90 pounds and height 21-24” full grown

Families with young children may prefer Goldendoodle puppies that are medium to smaller size. Adults who enjoy walks with smaller dogs or live in a smaller space may prefer smaller or even miniature Goldendoodles. Standard Goldendoodles enjoy long walks and are just as affectionate as smaller size dogs.

I am always happy to discuss the size that is the best match for you or your family.

Goldendoodle Puppies in Arizona

I have more than 20 years of experience breeding and loving Goldendoodle puppies in Arizona and I’d be happy to:

  • Meet with you in person or over the phone
  • Discuss your hopes and questions
  • Help you find the right Goldendoodle for you and your family

“We purchased our doodle, Whiskey, four years ago from Copper Skye Doodles. The process was easy, communication was great, and we couldn’t be happier with our pup! Whiskey Bear is the sweetest most lovable dog! I highly recommend Copper Skye Doodles to anyone looking to add a doodle to their home.”

-Amber H.

Copper Skye Doodles has an outstanding reputation and has placed hundreds of Goldendoodle puppies into loving homes across Arizona. I’m happy to take the time to share more with you and learn about which Goldendoodle would fill your heart and home with affection and companionship.

Note: We place Goldendoodle puppies in homes located throughout Arizona. Our sole location is in Phoenix, AZ and we welcome you to visit at any time!

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