Meet Goldie
Micro-Mini Size Goldendoodle
Red Wavy Coat

Goldie is about a year and a half old and just had her first litter of beautiful red puppies! She is very sweet, very loving and I think she would be best as the only doggie in the home. She is crate trained, potty trained and has no bad habits….yet…haha. She is however a bit food aggressive when other dogs come near her bowl. Goldie will give her new family a lifetime of kisses.

an adult goldendoodle with wavy reddish fur

Meet Juno
Mini Size Goldendoodle
Red Wavy Coat

Juno was born on Sept 1, 2021 so she is still very much a puppy¬† and loves playing with toys and chewing on bones but she can be a bit aggressive toward other dogs if they try to take her ‘possessions’ or food. In spite of this, I have to say that she does like to play with other dogs, running, jumping and wrestling, but toys and food tend to be her ‘bone of contention’!

Juno is a wonderful dog and has few bad habits other than her possession issue….well, she does love to destroy paper towels….haha. She is very much a lover and wants to spend quiet time just being with me and of course she does not shed.

Meet “The Twins”
Honey and Penny
Mini Size Goldendoodles
Red Wavy Coat

The girls were born June 22, 2023. Their mom is Juno and their dad is Pima. I want to keep Honey and Penny together if possible because they are bonded but yet still individuals. Both are exceptionally sweet, lovable and will sit on your lap (or in your bed) for hours. They are of course, PUPPIES and do puppy things but for the most part they are easy going and do listen. They are 90% potty trained with a doggie door but if they are taken out on a routine schedule they won’t need a doggie door per se. Penny is okay in the crate but sister Honey, not so much…haha! They should be contained at night so they don’t get into trouble but if they are kept in a small room/area (bathroom or playpen) they will go potty. However, the good news is that all dogs learn not to ‘go’ in the house, some sooner than others. Your life will be doubly blessed if you welcome Honey and Penny into it.

The pictures of Honey and Penny are not very good (blurry) but I will be updating them soon.

What is the Guardian Program?

Because I want my breeding dogs to have wonderful homes just like our puppies, I offer a guardianship program.

Guardian dogs are placed with loving families free-of-charge so they can have normal, happy home lives while still providing me with beautiful puppies. After their breeding contracts are up, the dogs are spayed/neutered and retired to continue living their lives with their forever families, no longer just guardians.

Guardian homes cannot be further away than a one hour drive from Scottsdale/Cave Creek area.

The Guardian Process

I interview potential guardians first by phone and then personally either in my home or theirs. Once a family is accepted into the program, a puppy I choose for breeding is given to them to raise.

My females are usually bred once per year and retired when they are between 5-6 years old. My males I use a lot more often than the females for obvious reasons. And they are retired like the females around 5-6 years of age.

Once pregnant, all female dogs will be returned to Breeder 1 week before due date for whelping (birthing). The female will remain with the me for 5-6 weeks while the puppies are nursed and finally weaned. The guardian family is welcomed to come visit during the weeks that ‘momma’ is with me. Or the guardian may opt to keep momma and pups for an agreed upon time span.

All food, grooming, general care, and veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the guardian. Any expenses related to the breeding and pregnancies of the guardian dogs are the responsibility of Breeder, including additional food and supplies the guardian requires during the pregnancy or after if momma and pups remain with her family.

a blond child hugging a light wavy haired Goldendoodle puppy