Golden Mountain Doodles

Puppies Born December 8, 2023

12-25 Pounds

Black & White Curly Coat 

Puppy Pictures Taken at 9 Weeks Old

Parent Information

Petite/Mini Golden Mountain Doodles

  • Dad: Koda

  • Breed: Mini Bernedoodle

  • Color: Light Brown and White

  • Size: 25 Pounds & 17″ Tall

  • Mom: Sadie

  • Breed:  Mini Goldendoodle

  • Color: Red

  • Size: 26 Pounds & 16″ Tall

What Do Golden Mountain Doodles Look Like?

an adult brown and white Golden Mountain Doodle outside with tongue sticking out
a white and black Golden Mountain Doodle sitting on grass with mouth open
an adult mostly white with some black Golden Mountain Doodle standing to left of a red fire hydrant
a white, brown and tan Bernedoodle sitting with mouth open
three images of dogs showing a poodle, a golden retriever and a bernese mountain dog
bernedoodle seated on bricks
a white, tan and brown Golden Mountain Doodle puppy sitting with a brown background and shadow
a black and white Golden Mountain Doodle puppy standing on all fours with black background
a black, white and tan Bernedoodle laying on a dog bed looking into the camera