Golden Mountain Doodles

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What is a Golden Mountain Doodle (GMD)?

Golden Mountain Doodle (GMD) is a combination of the names of the three dogs that go into this clever mix: the Golden Retriever, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Poodle.

The reasoning behind pairing multiple Doodles is to add a little something into the mix that makes these dogs even more desirable pets. With so much Poodle in them chances of the offspring inheriting the much-coveted low-shed Poodle coat is relatively high. However, such pairings can also be used to offset temperament or behavioral issues.

The GMD is actually a really new type of Doodle, first bred at SwissRidge Kennels in 2013. The first GMD pups were produced by Lazeeza, the chocolate Goldendoodle, and Henry the tri-colored Bernedoodle. They received the name Golden Mountain Doodle through a competition run on social media.

When it comes to looks, Doodles are always a mixed bag, that’s what you get when combining breeds. The effect is magnified if the pups are entirely distinct. With three quite different dogs, you can only begin to predict what you might end up with. Any which way, you know that any Doodle offspring are bound to be as cute as can be. In terms of colors, you have the Golden Retriever’s various shades of gold, coupled with the Bernese Mountain Dog’s tri-colored combination of black with white and brown accents, and the Poodle’s rainbow variety of hues. So, the output is…well, it could be anything really – black, brown, cream, beige, solid, parti, tri, phantom, merle.

GMDs are usually quite stocky and well-built dogs (from the Bernese). However, Standards are typically closer in size to the Golden Retriever, with Minis being smaller and Micro Minis a lot smaller. The Poodle genes often come through strong in their faces and features, though, making them very clearly Doodles.

Firstly, we have the athletic, hyper-intelligent Poodle. Despite their super glamorous, slightly snobbish reputation, Poodles are actually born entertainers. They adore learning and displaying new tricks to please their owners, and with their smarts, they do this with ease. Poodles are loving, goofy, and have tons of energy. In the past, they often worked as clowns in traveling circuses.

Next is the Golden Retriever, perhaps the most famous family dog of all time. Aside from being gorgeous, these dogs are sweet, sociable, and get along with just about everybody – people and animals. Goldies are naturally happy pups and love to romp about with children of all ages. They are also smart and are frequently used as service and therapy animals.

Finally, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, loyal breed best known for their stunning tri-colored coats. Friendly and affectionate, Bernies are also calm, tolerant but sometimes a little shy of strangers. They are usually incredibly protective of their owners and families, although they aren’t aggressive dogs. Bernies just love to be with their people. They thrive in a close and loving environment.

Variations & Generations

When we talk about Doodle generations, we are referring to which dogs have been used in the breeding, e.g., purebred vs. other Doodles. Often breeders combine first-generation Doodles (ones with two pedigree parents) with Poodles to make it more likely they will inherit the ‘hypoallergenic’ coat.

With three dogs in the mix, there is no possibility of a first-generation GMB – the parents are already hybrid dogs. So, starting at the second generation, we have the following possible GMD combinations:

  • An F2 Golden Mountain Doodle has a Bernedoodle parent and a Goldendoodle Parent. (25% Golden Retriever, 25% Bernese Mountain Dog, 50% Poodle)
  • An F2B Golden Mountain Doodle has an F2 Golden Mountain Doodle parent and a Poodle parent. (12.5% Golden Retriever, 12.5% Bernese Mountain Dog, 75% Poodle)
  • An F2BB Golden Mountain Doodle has an F2B Golden Mountain Doodle parent and a Poodle parent. (6.25% Golden Retriever, 6.25% Bernese Mountain Dog, 87.5% Poodle)
  • An F3 Golden Mountain Doodle comes from a variety of Golden Mountain Doodle pairings. This is a third-generation or Multigen Golden Mountain Doodle.

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What Do Golden Mountain Doodles Look Like?

an adult brown and white Golden Mountain Doodle outside with tongue sticking out
a white and black Golden Mountain Doodle sitting on grass with mouth open
an adult mostly white with some black Golden Mountain Doodle standing to left of a red fire hydrant
a white, brown and tan Bernedoodle sitting with mouth open
three images of dogs showing a poodle, a golden retriever and a bernese mountain dog
bernedoodle seated on bricks
a white, tan and brown Golden Mountain Doodle puppy sitting with a brown background and shadow
a black and white Golden Mountain Doodle puppy standing on all fours with black background
a black, white and tan Bernedoodle laying on a dog bed looking into the camera