How To Train A Goldendoodle

While Goldendoodles are easy to train, it is important to understand some essential aspects of Goldendoodle training.  Keep reading to learn how to train a Goldendoodle puppy and what you should do to make the process easier on yourself and your fluffy new companion. 

Research Canine Training

Before bringing your Goldendoodle home, you should understand canine training theory, as they learn differently from humans. 

When you get a new puppy, they are a blank slate for you to imprint the behaviors you want them to possess, and they will do whatever they can to get what they want at that moment. 

Take the time to research canine training theory thoroughly, and even reach out to a professional to make the training process that much easier on both of you when your Goldendoodle comes home.

Use Positive Reinforcement 

While it can be tempting to yell at your puppy or try to use any fear tactic on them, that is not how you create a strong and loving bond with them. 

Positive reinforcement takes longer and requires you to remain patient; in the long run, it will not only be better for your puppy, but the relationship between the two of you will be much more rewarding. 

They will trust and love you, so reward your puppy when they show good behavior with verbal praise, pats or a treat; over time, they will associate being good with that praise or the treats. Bad behavior should not be acknowledged other than to correct the puppy immediately with the correct behavior. But some bad behaviors should not be acknowledged at all otherwise you are reinforcing it.

Begin Obedience Training Immediately

When you bring your puppy home, you may want to be easier on them because you just got them, but you must begin obedience training immediately. 

By not putting off the obedience training, you let your new Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle know precisely what to expect, which helps prevent them from becoming confused. 

Set those basic commands from the beginning, and it will be easier to keep them out of trouble later in the future as you will manage their expectations. 

Establishing a Routine and Potty Training

Once you have brought your puppy home, you will need to establish a routine with them, as that will make it easier to train them. 

Part of establishing a routine for your puppy includes potty training them, which, while it can seem like a daunting venture, is a simple process that the puppy will adapt to shortly. 

Take them for a potty trip at the same time every day, like after they wake up, before they sleep, and after they have eaten or drunk. 

Have a word in place that you say when you take them to their potty place, as they will then associate it with that. 

Always positively reinforce them when they use their spot, but do not reprimand them if they mess up, as that can cause anxiety around the whole process. 

Training your new Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle is an easy and rewarding experience that forms a loving bond between you and them. If you would like to consider adopting a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle, contact us today.