How To Train A Goldendoodle Puppy

While Goldendoodle puppies can be easy to train, it is important to understand some essential aspects of puppy training thanks to my experience of over 20 years. Learn how to train your Goldendoodle puppy and what you should do to make the process easier on your family and your furry new companion when welcoming them into your home and family.

Research Goldendoodle Puppy Training

Before welcoming your Goldendoodle puppy into your home and family, you should research canine training theory, as dogs learn differently from humans and other pets. When you welcome a new Goldendoodle puppy into your family, they are a blank slate for you to imprint the behaviors you want them to possess. Goldendoodle puppies want to make you happy and will be excited to receive affection for following a command correctly.

After you have researched canine training theory, you should also reach out and enroll in a certified puppy training class to make the training process easier on both of you when your Goldendoodle is welcomed into your family as a lifelong companion.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Deborah and Copper Skye Doodles. Jackson is 8 years old now. His mother was a golden retriever and father a standard size poodle. He has the best qualities of both, the gentleness of a golden and the smarts of a poodle. He is a tall and fit 70lbs, a wonderful companion, a go anywhere adventurer, and a nurturing soul. He is just as content snuggling on the couch as he is going for a run. This was my first time raising a puppy, and Deborah guided us to wonderful trainers. He is amazing with children, elders, other dogs, and animals. I’m frequently told he should be a therapy dog. Good breeding plus good training makes for a wonderful pup.”

– Lauren S.

Begin Goldendoodle Puppy Obedience Training Classes

Goldendoodle with woman smiling

When you bring your puppy home, you may want to be easier on them because you just got them, but you should begin obedience training immediately with a certified trainer. By not putting off obedience training, you let your new Goldendoodle puppy know precisely what to expect. This helps prevent your new puppy from becoming confused. It is important to establish some basic commands from the beginning, which will help to keep them out of trouble as they grow up in your family.

These classes will allow you and your new puppy to get used to other people and puppies in a positive group setting together. Classes are led by certified trainers who are well versed in canine training theory and prepared to help with all of your questions and concerns. Classes will help establish basic commands and routines for you to follow to get the most out of your training together.

Initial training classes will meet once a week for an hour for eight weeks with other puppies and people. Puppies do better in smaller groups, so you likely will be one of 10-12 puppy and owner groups at the training session. At the end of this first series of classes, you typically receive a completion certificate. Additional training classes are advised for most puppies as these will help reinforce the initial training and teach some more advanced training techniques. These classes are also important for your puppy to socialize with other puppies.

Use Positive Reinforcement with your Goldendoodle Puppy

While it can be tempting to yell at your puppy, that is not how you create a strong and loving bond with them. Positive reinforcement is important for Goldendoodle puppies. Your puppy will respond best to treats, praise and affection. While this may take longer and require you to remain patient, it will not only be better for your puppy, but the relationship between your puppy and your family will be much more rewarding.

They will trust and love you, so reward your puppy when they show good behavior with verbal praise, pats or a treat; over time, they will associate being good with that praise or the treats. Bad behavior should not be acknowledged other than to correct the puppy immediately with the correct behavior. But some bad behaviors should not be acknowledged at all, otherwise you are reinforcing it.

Establishing a Routine and Potty Training with your Goldendoodle Puppy

Goldendoodle running in field

Once you have brought your puppy home, you will need to establish a routine with them, as that will make it easier to train them. Part of establishing a routine for your puppy includes potty training them. This can seem like a daunting venture, is a simple process that your puppy will adapt to shortly.

Make sure to feed them consistently at the same time every day to establish a good routine. After establishing their feeding schedule, a potty trip at the same time every day is important. You may want to take them on a walk after they wake up, before they sleep, and after they have eaten or drank. It is also important to have a word in place that you say when you take them to their potty place, as they will then associate it with that. Goldendoodle puppies like being positively reinforced when they use their potty spot. Remember to not reprimand them if they mess up, as that can cause anxiety around the process and cause it to be delayed. Reassure them verbally as they will need this for future potty training achievements.

“Our mini goldendoodle will be 3 in December, and she’s the best dog we’ve ever had. Deb was great to work with, and we always recommend her to people who ask where we got our doodle.”

-Fred W.

Take Your Goldendoodle Puppy to Dog Parks

Another thing to consider is taking your puppy to a dog park to improve his social skills with humans, puppies and adult dogs. This will also allow your new puppy to get out his extra energy in a playful manner. Don’t forget to bring balls, toys and treats to keep your new puppy engaged! Your puppy will likely be tired out and give you a much needed break after some play time at the local dog park. You may even meet other dog owners at the park, and end up setting up playdates together for your dogs. This socialization is very important for your puppy as well as you as a new dog owner.

Just by watching, you will learn new techniques to train your puppy at the dog park from other dogs and owners and be able to ask questions of long-time owners. Your interaction with other dogs and owners will allow your puppy to associate a positive experience with going outdoors and being around other dogs and humans.

Training your new Goldendoodle puppy is a rewarding experience that forms a loving bond between your family and your puppy. If you would like to consider adopting a Goldendoodle puppy or have questions about the process, please reach out to me. I’m available by phone or email and look forward to hearing from you!