Goldendoodle Puppies in Prescott, AZ

While almost everyone has a favorite breed of dogs, everyone loves Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. And, why wouldn’t they? These pups are in high demand thanks to their seemingly endless list of wonderful traits. They are sweet, gentle, loyal, loving, smart, playful, adventurous, cuddly… should we keep going? 

If you are in or around the Prescott area and have been looking for the missing piece for your family, then Copper Skye Doodles is here to help. 

Check out these fun facts about goldendoodles:

  • They may be big, but they are very gentle animals. 
  • They live long, healthy lives. 
  • Goldendoodles are very social animals that love spending time with their families. 
  • They are great service animals. 
  • Goldendoodles are most well-known for being golden, but they come in other colors, too. 
  • They don’t shed like other breeds do. 
  • They enjoy getting outdoors and being active and adventurous. 
  • But, goldendoodles also love being at home snuggly quietly with you, too. 

In case you can’t tell, there is so much to learn about Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. If you are trying to determine whether they would be a great fit for your family, contact us today!

Why Choose Copper Skye Doodles?

As a preferred breeder in Prescott, AZ, breeding and working with doodles is not just a business for us, it’s our passion. We have a deep love for these pups – and we know you will, too. As soon as you bring your new doodle home, your life will never be the same. Because of this, we take our time with the process. We get to know you and your family and will help you find the right doodle when the time is right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Goldendoodles live? 

Goldendoodles are known to be healthy dogs with long lives – having an average lifespan between 10-15 years. 

Are Goldendoodles high-maintenance dogs? 

Goldendoodles have a coat that many consider high-maintenance, requiring grooming every 2 to 3 months or so. Otherwise, they are a low-maintenance breed. 

Do Goldendoodles make great house dogs? 

Absolutely! Goldendoodles are social dogs that want to be part of the family – inside the house.