Bernedoodle Puppies in Los Angeles, CA

Two black, white and brown Bernedoodle puppies snuggling

People with Bernedoodle puppies feel happier, have improved cognitive function, and increased positive health outcomes. Grandparents and grandchildren benefit from bonding together as they care for a new puppy in the family.

Bernedoodle puppies are a great fit for first time dog-owners in Los Angeles, CA since they are easy to train. Singles or couples often connect with an affectionate, fun-loving Bernedoodle who grows up to become calm and comforting. Each of our puppies needs a loving home, and I am happy to help you find your puppy match!

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Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA and personality

A black, white and tan Bernedoodle dog with a black harness

Ok, let’s also be realistic. Aren’t puppies a lot of work? What will I be getting myself into? I’d love to share more information with you about Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA. You’ll learn why this low-shedding, mild-mannered breed has earned such a wonderful reputation. More individuals and families are finding the perfect fit with a Bernedoodle in their Los Angeles homes, neighborhoods, retirement facilities, and as service dogs.

Bernedoodle puppies are cross-breed dogs that make loyal family companions. They show the intelligence of a Poodle and the playful, loyal personality of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Sometimes, Bernedoodle are referred to as hypoallergenic because they tend to take after the Poodle side and not shed much, or at all.

Poodles tend to be:

  • Smart
  • Playful
  • Loyal

Bernese Mountain Dogs tend to be:

  • Calm
  • Affectionate
  • Patient

Bernedoodle puppies have become one of the most popular breeds in Los Angeles, CA and across the United States. They are intelligent and active, playing well with children, and enjoying time outside. Bernedoodle are not just smart but also very affectionate and patient with their family.


“We adopted our pup Harvey from Copper Skye Doodles right before Covid hit the world – March 2020. We’re thrilled with his personality. Deb made sure we knew what was in store for us, advised us on foods and vitamins, and helped us get the first shots arranged. We got to pick Harvey out of the litter at six weeks old and were excited to bring him home at eight weeks. He’s very smart, active, and was a breeze to train. After two nights with us, he slept through the night. We’re smitten!”  -Christine S.

Sizes of Bernedoodle range from small to large, and they come in a variety of colors. They thrive in homes located in the countryside, suburbs, or city. If you’re searching for Bernedoodle puppies for sale, there are few helpful things to know before you make a purchase.

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Well socialized Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA, raised by a family

a tricolored Bernedoodle puppy sitting on a brick path with moss

My Bernedoodle puppies start from day one in a social environment near Los Angeles, CA. They continue to grow and develop a healthy attachment to people with daily interaction and care from myself or from their Guardian families. What Bernedoodles really love is to spend time with you no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

Just like any other dog, Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA need exercise, a nutritious diet, and lots of love and attention. They enjoy walks in the park, long walks, car rides or just ‘chilling’ next to you. Don’t forget about grooming because that beautiful coat needs care and attention to keep it shiny and soft.

Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA: coat colors and characteristics

A hybrid dog mixed with a Poodle is most likely to have low shedding coats. Many people with allergies react more to dander than to fur. Bernedoodles tend to have low dander and minimal shedding. Coats of Bernedoodles vary widely in color and curl.

Bernedoodle puppies range from having curly fur, a shaggy coat, to loose or wavy hair. At Copper Skye Doodles we breed dogs with the most suitable coats for those with allergies and the curl of the coat offers a wide range of choices. A Bernedoodle’s undercoat keeps it insulated to stay cool in the hot weather in Los Angeles, CA.

Bernedoodle puppies also come in a range of colors and patterns. One popular coat color is red with tones of apricot. Some Bernedoodles are more cream with darker golden undertones. Other Bernedoodles have black or chocolate colored coats.

These are typical color choices for Bernedoodle coats:

  • Classic: Black with brown and sometimes white.
  • Sable: Coat consists of black-tipped hairs with roots of any solid color. This can be described as a “burnt toast” pattern.
  • Merle: Bluish splotches of black that occur as a result of lightening of the normal base coat.
  • Parti: 50% white base color coat with patches of another color.

There are many choices available for coat colors. I’d be happy to talk more about the options.

Sizes of Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA

a black, white and tan Bernedoodle sitting on a white fluffy background with its tongue sticking out

Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA come in a variety of sizes. The size that fits you may depend on your current stage of life, your preferences, or simply acceptance of the puppy with whom you bond. Because Bernedoodles are hybrids (mixed breed) there is no standard or regulated criteria for their sizes. Every breeder creates their own size charts.

“I am so glad that I chose Deb and Copper Skye Doodles! Deb was very thoughtful and kind throughout the entire adoption process. It was evident that she cared about the puppies and finding the right family. I feel like I hit the jackpot and have the most perfect puppy! My Bo was easy to potty train, very receptive to a kennel, and has been a fast learner with additional training. He’s so smart, so much personality, loves being with people/his human, loves meeting furry friends and other humans. Seriously everyone I meet loves him!” -Sandi M.

My Bernedoodle sizes by weight and height:

Micro Miniature Bernedoodle: under 20 pounds and height 12”-17” fully grown
Miniature Bernedoodle: 20-30 pounds and height 18-22” fully grown

Families in Los Angeles with young children may prefer Bernedoodle puppies that are smaller sized. Adults who enjoy walks with smaller dogs or live in a smaller space may prefer micro miniature or miniature Bernedoodles.

I am always happy to discuss the size that is the best match for you or your family.

Bernedoodle puppies in Los Angeles, CA for adoption

six tri colored Bernedoodle puppies standing in a row with a lush background

At Copper Skye Doodles, I want to share the joy a Bernedoodle can bring you and your family here in Los Angeles, CA. Bernedoodles puppies are intelligent and adoring, some of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet. Their gentle nature and abounding patience makes them great companions and family dog.

I have more than 20 years of experience breeding and loving Bernedoodle puppies and I’d be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone to discuss your hopes and questions. Copper Skye Doodles has an outstanding reputation and has placed hundreds of Bernedoodle puppies into loving homes in Los Angeles, CA. I’m happy to take the time to share more with you and learn about which Bernedoodle would fill your heart and home with affection and companionship.

Note: We place Bernedoodle puppies in homes located in Los Angeles as well as in cities throughout Southern California. Our sole location is in Phoenix, AZ and we welcome you to visit at any time!