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Why Choose Copper Skye Doodles?

I am a dedicated breeder in the Phoenix, AZ area of quality Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies. My emphasis is on mini and petite size puppies, but I also breed medium and standards.

Deciding which puppy and which breeder is the right choice for you and your family is a huge undertaking as owning a dog is a commitment based on years. Your first decision is breed and if you’re reading this then a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle is on your radar. Congratulations, these two breeds are exceptional and worthy of high praise as the years of increased popularity have proven. I have bred Goldendoodles for twenty years and have earned the reputation of being honest and caring.

Health and temperament are the two most important qualities for a dog. I ensure the health of my litters by having DNA testing done on all my parent dogs. Plus, all my parent dogs were/are raised in loving homes where they are socialized and trained at early ages. All parents are chosen for their calm yet confident personalities therefore ensuring their offspring will also be calm, loving, and confident. Doodles are all about love, being loved and giving love. They are very much family dogs and want to be around family members, but they are happy around other furry friends too. Loyalty is their middle name!

Most doodles are non-shedding and can be hypoallergenic, meaning they produce little to no dander that is the main cause of allergies for people. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for families with known dog allergies. People with doodle puppies feel happier, have improved cognitive function, and increased positive health outcomes. Goldendoodle puppies are a great fit for first time dog-owners since they are easy to train. Plus, singles and couples often connect with these affectionate, fun-loving Goldendoodles or Bernedoodles that grow up to become a calm and comforting member of the family.

I love working with families to help them find their perfect Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle. Each of my puppies needs
a loving home and I am happy to help you find your puppy match!

Competitive Pricing

My pricing is generally lower than the local competition. 

3 Year Health Guarantee

Starting in 2020 my health guarantee will increase from 2 years to 3 years. I firmly believe my puppies are bred with exceptional vigor and years of clear health histories from past generations.

Goldendoodle Breeding Experience

Nineteen years ago when I started breeding F1 goldendoodles no one was familiar with the breed. But over the years I’ve watched their meteoric rise in popularity and also witnessed the creation of sizes other than standard. What I’ve learned most is that no matter what the size or gender goldendoodles are all lovable, sweet, kind, smart, eager to please, and want to be with their family more than anywhere else.

My Passion For Goldendoodles

I fell in love with doodles long before I started breeding and knew that somewhere down the road I wanted to be part of the process.
It is my goal to share with anyone who wants a dog to know what an awesome breed are goldendoodles and bernedoodles. All dog breeds are wonderful but my love, devotion, and my passion are for doodles which is why I breed no others.

Meet The Breeder

I began breeding with my two precious golden retrievers, Bella, and Piper and spent two years watching them grow up before I became a full time breeder of Goldendoodles. Very recently I decided to add Bernedoodles to my program. I did a lot of research before deciding on Bernedoodles. Why did I decide on Bernedoodles? Because their personalities are very similar to golden retrievers but they bring a bit of ‘goofiness’ and beautiful colors and coat patterns.

I believe the key to a great litter is a happy and healthy mom and dad raised in loving homes . That’s why I go out of my way to ensure my parent dogs are placed in Guardian Homes offering exceptional care and love. Doodles make awesome family dogs, especially loved by children!

If you’re looking for a furry companion, nothing beats one of my Doodles!

Meet Deb - Goldendoodle Breeder

Deborah Lipman and friend

Everyone Loves Their Doodle!

“These designer dogs are wonderful. You are getting a mix of two very special breeds and it is like the best of each breed comes out in the Goldendoodle. Deborah was great in preparing the pups for their future. She treats them like they are part of the family so that when you get your dog it is adjusted to family life which is a real plus.

Your house won’t seem empty with a new puppy around. These Goldendoodles want to be with you all of the time which is fine by me.”

Carolyn, Khiva's parent

“We have tried hundreds of times to get a photo of Henley that truly captures her beautiful face, and finally got one. Thought this photo would bring a smile to your face.  Someone stopped me yesterday while we were on our walk and asked all kinds of questions about golden doodles. He said he wants to get one, but not right away.

She’s a joy — also a handful at times — and we’re thrilled to have her in our lives.”

Darlene, Henley's parent

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